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Mill products Industry

The mill products industry is composed of a wide range of products, including paper and newsprint, corrugated and solid fibreboard, other fibreboard, particleboard, and related products. It also composed of Steel Mills, Textile mills, wood industry. The industry employed 141,300 workers in 2016, down from 159,200 in 2012. In 2016, about 50% of employment was in the manufacture of paper and paper products; 38% in the manufacture of wood products; and 11% in the manufacture of non-paper fibre products. Employment was distributed geographically as follows: Quebec 25.5%, Ontario 24.6%, Atlantic provinces 16.7%, western Canada 15.8%, and other 3%. It is worth mentioning that there is increasing labour shortage for the industry. One of the reasons behind this situation is that it has a negative impact on its performance and thus job opportunities. This industry includes three main sectors: Paper, Printing & Publishing, and Converted Paper Products. The demand for paper pro.ducts fell in 2017 to 641,900 tonnes from 666,600 tonnes in 2016. In the same year, imports of paper products amounted to 10% of total consumption while exports reached 15% of total production.

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