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ITWORKS ECOMMERCE Help: Configuration-Product
Ecommerce Help Aug 13, 2023


Product in ITWORKS ECOMMERCE System is a configuration element to define products. Product is  saleable product in the system and it is being sold through a ecommerce portal in company. The Product is generally available in the system.


Product Name : 255 Character Alphanumeric code to identify the Category

Product Short Description :  Enter the short description of product or service

Description :  This is long description and details of products

Category : Select the product category from the dropdown you can select multiple category

Product Tags: Tags are used for classification

Brand : This is field enter multiple brands associated with the Product

Product Unit: the price of product as per the unit

Base Price: Price of product as per the unit.

Discount : in percentage or value along with validity date

Tax: Tax on the product if it is to be added to the base price.

Sell Target : this target price of the product.

 Status : The status of the product. The published status will enable to be visible in the front end.

Image: Upload the image of the Product

Meta Title : This used as title of the Product

Meta Description : The description used by search engines

Meta Image : this used by search engines

Slug : This is the link of Product


It is integrated with the ITWOKS ERP System.